• Ballet is the foundation of dance. It develops technique, flexability, agility and posture. It is an art form enabling self expression and artistry.

  • Jazz focuses on technique and performance. It is a similar style to Modern. The main components are kicks, turns, leaps, rhythm and style. Most west end shows are choreographed in the style of Jazz.

  • Dance Cirque is an exciting new class to be offered. You will learn the Ariel, Hoop and Silks, alongside floor training.

  • Contemporary dance uses techniques from classical, modern, and jazz styles. It has a large focusing on breath and release, control, line and floor work, the style develops quality and artistry. Contemporary is often used as a stroytelling method through dance.

  • We follow the Acrotrix syllabus. It is a combination of dance and acrobtatics. As well as tricks and skills its training for strength, flexibility, limbering, tumbling, and balance individually and in a team

  • Tap develops rhythm, time, coordination, performance and musicality. There are many styles of tap, we study Theatrical and Rythmic Tap.

  • Lyrical is all about matching the dance to the music and telling a story. It focuses on emotion and expression.

  • Elite Squad is invitation only. We attend at least six competitons a year and perform at local events.

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